Okay, give me a ‘hell yeah’ if this sounds familiar…

You’re a passionate, ambitious, creative woman with a burning business dream.

You’ve always been unconventional, and you’re told to ‘be realistic’ and knuckle down to a safe 9-5 existence all the time. But you know there’s more to life.

Then you finally hit on the perfect business idea. You set up your awesome website and social media handles, create a package you’re super passionate about, and promote the s♥ out of it!


Then the doubt sets in. You’re hesitating. You’re questioning everything. You’re impatient for results. You’re scared.

Will it work?

Am I really cut out for this?

Do I have enough experience?

Why is it so hard to get clients?

Which strategy should I follow?



Every second you have is spent on planning, slaving over copy, manic marketing, surviving launches, juggling clients, posting in Facebook groups, sweating through live streams and webinars, spending hours on social media graphics and stalking the competition.

You’re doing ALL THE THINGS and hustling your ass off – but you’re not seeing the results – or the money – you dreamed of. You’ve tried manifesting and visualising – and countless trainings and webinars, but all you get is crickets.

You grit your teeth watching breezy live streams from shiny haired, six figure gurus, gushing about their freedom lifestyle from a sun lounger in Bali, and try to remember the last time you made it to the gym, enjoyed a night out with your friends, spent quality time with your OH, or just found one damn second to breathe and think clearly about what you want and where your life went.

And at the end of each day, you lie awake in bed – surrounded by piles of glossy business books you still haven’t read – wondering if it’s ever going to get easier, and crying bitter tears at the thought of having to give up on your dream.


Freedom Lifestyle? Are you f ♥ kidding me? How the hell do you run an amazing business and achieve massive success without all the fear, doubt, headaches, sleepless nights and ugly crying?


  • WHAT IF could wake up in the morning with a calm clarity about what you're going to achieve each day, with social, domestic and business tasks all smoothly scheduled?  

  • WHAT IF could face every business decision with clarity and confidence, trusting yourself completely?  

  • WHAT IF could network and market your business with total ease and confidence, breezing through sales conversations and building a passionate following that believes in your message?  

  • WHAT IF could face self doubt and overwhelm with a smile - and feel excited, supported and energised instead?  

  • WHAT IF could focus on your goals, plans and progress without fixating on what everyone else is doing?  


What if you could fall in love with your business again and make the dreams you’ve fought so hard for a thrilling reality?



Robin Harrie - Mindset Coaching and ReinventionWho am I – and why can I help?

I’m Robin Harrie, Mindset Coach and Stress Strategist, and I am here to take the brain ache out of your business.

I breed lionesses. Fierce, fun-loving female entrepreneurs who face their fear with a dazzling smile and run the badass business of their dreams.

I’ll spare you the polished intro where I tell you about my freedom lifestyle, five figure months, jet set schedule and Zen super powers.

The truth is, I’m a mindful misfit who had to get savvy and strong to survive, and I’ve learned how to take the stress out of success.

I defied a Type 1 Bipolar diagnosis and crippling PTSD to become the Editor-in-Chief of a thriving arts publication, a digital marketing trainer with a high-profile client list, an elite private tutor, and a popular coach for overwhelmed female entrepreneurs.

My life isn’t perfect. I don’t spend my days out-smugging other millionaire coaches in front of the Eiffel Tower and having hours of wild sex with Channing Tatum on a unicorn skin duvet stuffed with $100 bills. But the overthinking, ugly crying and self-sabotage is down to a healthy minimum and I feel pretty damn good about life.


My signature 90 day program transforms ambitious, passionate, women like you into fierce, fun-loving female entrepreneurs who face their fear with a dazzling smile and run the badass business of their dreams.

It’s time to fall in love with your business again and feel strong, successful and satisfied!

Okay Robin, but what makes this different to all the other programs out there?

Oh I hear you. I know you have a host of gurus posing in front of the Eiffel Tower you could work with. And I worked with some of them when I was developing my business.

But – and this is the big BUT – a lot of programs focus on a business formula and teach you all about funnels and marketing and 6 figure strategies, and then sprinkle a bit of ‘mindset focus’ here and there along the way.

And that’s where they fail you.

Because if you solely invest in business development, but you’re still living the old story, stuck in the same routine and thinking the same way, your life will become even more imbalanced and unsatisfying.

I thought the solution to my angst and frustration was to just make my business stronger and learn new strategies, but I soon realised I was just giving myself more things to overthink, piling on more pressure, and spending even less time on other things that mattered to me. Still suffocated by my limiting beliefs. Still letting emotion and how much I wanted it to work overwhelm me. And if I kept soldiering on and giving myself more plates to spin, I was heading for a breakdown.

So I completely flipped my focus, paused the marketing machine and embarked on a complete transformation of my mindset and identity, restoring much needed balance between my business and my life – and making me wildly purposeful and profitable. Today I progress and thrive no matter what, with passion, strength and peace of mind.


Here is a breakdown of what we will focus on together. While these are the pillars that my program is built on, our time together will be completely tailored to your needs and your own pace.


Before the program begins, we will work through a complete self evaluation to clear all the blocks, shoulds and excuses out of the way to reveal what really matters to you.

>> We will talk about your business and the passions and people that matter to you, and identify imbalances.

>> We will write your story at this stage in your life, identifying how you feel about yourself and how your past has defined who you are and what you believe.

>> We will celebrate your strengths, identify areas for growth, and create an action plan for the weeks to come.



This is an exciting stage where your imagination can run wild!

>> We use powerful visualisations to paint a vivid picture of the wildly successful and fulfilled woman you want to become, and what the life of your dreams really looks like.

>> You will start to live and think like the highest version of yourself and work through the doubts and aspects of your story which have kept her locked away.



>> You will explore your core beliefs and assumptions and create powerful new foundations of truth and trust.

>> You will identify and re-balance the sneaky human needs which are dominating your life and keeping you stuck.

>> You will re-discover love, pride and trust in yourself and celebrate your skills and strengths.

>> You will learn to feel happy and satisfied now – not ‘one day’ – and live fully in the present.

 >> I will show you how to identify unhelpful loops and triggers in your thinking and stop them in their tracks.

 >> I will guide you through powerful meditation so you can access clarity and inner peace whenever you feel overwhelmed. You will create inspiring affirmations to invite your desires and goals into your life, and create special visual symbols and prompts to keep you on track and restore your inner strength when you hit snags or slumps during your day.


It’s time to take back control of your business and define a powerful message and personal brand that serves and inspires your peers and followers.

>> You’ll take control of your chaotic routine and create a weekly schedule that WORKS.

>> You’ll prioritise the client-winning and money-making tasks that need to come first.

>> You will create a captivating personal story and powerful message to share with the world.

>> You will identify areas of low confidence holding you back – such as selling, writing copy or running ads – and turn them into tasks you love!

>> You’ll establish firm boundaries and clear expectations to avoid overwhelm and over-commitment.



We focus on your spiritual health, looking at your relationships with others in your professional and personal life and the importance of setting boundaries.

>> You’ll stop procrastinating and enter a bold new phase of productivity and profit.

>> You’ll remove your reliance on other people and what they think of you – and stop worrying about what they’re doing.

>> You will identify toxic connections, distractions and relationships and surround yourself with love and support.

>> You will move into a bright new phase of self belief and confidence, ready to ask for what you want and make your goals and dreams tangible and achievable.



If you are tired, sluggish and tense, what chance do you have of making good decisions and leading a productive, prosperous life? And yet so often we punish and neglect our bodies.

>> You will examine your current lifestyle and make empowering changes that fill you with energy, self-esteem and purpose.

>> We will assess your level of activity, sleep patterns, self care routines and the quality of your environment, as well as your feelings and beliefs about your physical body.

>> After this phase you will have new habits and strategies to improve your energy levels, stamina and self image.



As we near the end of our first program together, we look back over everything you have achieved.

>> We return to the Story of You we wrote in your discovery phase and the vision you created of who you want to be and what you want to achieve. Now you get to rewrite that story completely, acknowledging your new growth, skills and abilities.

>> We set down some key agreements and boundaries for you to commit to in your life going forward, and create a strategy for the challenges ahead which uses the new tools and awareness you have learned.

>> It’s a time to celebrate your hard work and cement the strategy that will carry you forward in your new life. Woop!


So here we are. In 90 days you’ve restored balance and passion to your life and business. You are a fierce, fun-loving force of nature – a laughing lioness with one hell of a roar!

You’ve delved deep into your subconscious and taken a long, hard look at your thoughts and beliefs – and started controlling them, rather than letting them control you and what you do with your life.

You’ve completely owned what makes you special and unique, and defined the message you want to share with the world.

AND you’ve written a dazzling new story about who you really are and what you are capable of, strutting out of your cocoon as a fearless, feisty female entrepreneur!


Bonus Content

As part of this program, you will receive a variety of workbooks and video and audio guides for each phase that you can always refer to.

And a special, unique aspect of my program are the personalised audio recordings: bespoke creations that you can listen to in the car, while you cook, getting ready for work or settling down to sleep, ensuring I am always there to support you and help you grow, even when our work together is complete.

>> You will receive guided meditations to help you maintain a sense of stillness, space and self awareness.

>> Visualisations will uplift and empower you, allowing you to visualise success and growth taking place within you.

>> Affirmations, when listened to daily, will install new beliefs and powerful thoughts that will manifest abundance, achievement and success in your life.

Bonus Value: £500






  • Free Discovery Call

      Discovery Call' is fancy talk for a relaxed chat to discuss your needs and see if we are a good fit to work together.

  • Strategy Meeting

      We examine your life and business in depth and select key areas for focus and transformation over our 90 days together.

  • Weekly 1-1 Sessions

      Now we put our plan into action! You get my expertise, attention and support every week in a 1-1 coaching call. 10 sessions, with two 'rest weeks' to implement strategies.

  • Homework (The Oh-So-Good Kind!)

      In between sessions, you will follow a bespoke meditation program, complete mini trainings, and put your new strategies into practice.

  • 24/7 Contact

      I am available via email at all times during our 90 day adventure to support you and answer questions.



Robin Harrie Testemonial“Robin’s frank, loving, but honest style was very refreshing and it helped me to recognise things that I hadn’t considered before. Her willingness to help me was greatly appreciated and I would highly recommend her as a coach.”
Kiki DeVille – The Voice UK

If you’re thinking “I’m so ready, Robin! Let’s get started!” Then don’t waste another moment.

Life is ticking by second by second, and you can spend it stuck and scared and let your ambitions remain a distant pipe dream – or you can take action right now and become the powerful, purposeful woman you were born to be.

Click here to book a free, relaxed ‘virtual coffee’ with me to discuss your needs and decide if the program is right for you.

Important Note

This decision is very much a two-way process. You need to be sure I’m right for you, but I also need to know you are a good fit for this program. If we don’t get on and the program isn’t right for you, it will be a frustrating waste of time for both of us. So let’s book a time to get to know each other and find out!


This program is for you if…

>> Your business is burning you out and you feel like the rest of your life has disappeared.

>> You are tired of lying awake worrying about the future and wondering if you will ever be satisfied.

>> You are fed up of feeling bad about yourself and letting clients take advantage of you.

>> You are ready to commit to a 90 day intensive

>> You are willing to invest in yourself to achieve powerful, lasting results

>> You are ready for challenges, brutally honest self evaluation, mandatory homework and some occasional tough love.

>> You are ready to make big, lasting changes in your life

>> You recognise that the power to change and progress is entirely within you and a choice you make


This program is not for you if…

>> You are not open to big changes in your mind, body, routine, relationships and business

>> You are not willing to dig deep, examine yourself honestly, and be pushed and challenged.

>> You are not willing to commit to an intensive, 90 day process and complete tasks between sessions

>> You are still making excuses and blaming other people and circumstances for your lack of progress and fulfillment




(or 3 payments of £916)

Places strictly limited, so book your call straight away.

Click here to book a free, relaxed ‘virtual coffee’ with me to discuss your needs and decide if the program is right for you.