Hi, I’m Robin, Mindset Coach and Stress Strategist, and I am here to take the brain ache out of your business.

I breed lionesses. Fierce, fun-loving female entrepreneurs who face their fear with a dazzling smile and run the badass business of their dreams.
Robin Harrie - Mindset Coaching and Reinvention

I’ll spare you the polished intro where I tell you about my freedom lifestyle, five figure months, jet set schedule and Zen super powers.

The truth is, I’m a mindful misfit who had to get savvy and strong to survive, and I’ve learned how to take the stress out of success.

I defied a Type 1 Bipolar diagnosis and crippling PTSD to become the Editor-in-Chief of a thriving arts publication, a digital marketing trainer with a high-profile client list, an elite private tutor, and a popular coach for overwhelmed female entrepreneurs.

But I had some big mindset blocks to smash through before I got there.


I always wanted to work for myself and run my own business. I had a great role model in my father – a self made man with an amazing work ethic – and when I was a kid I used to play at being a sassy bosslady and create magazines out of paper with stories about made up celebrities. I was quite the Anna Wintour mini-me.

By the time I went to school I was already multi-passionate and bursting with sunny confidence, but I attracted years of bullying and exclusion from my classmates and I quickly learned to hide my passion, intelligence and ideas to survive. I set off for university as an insecure, isolated and demoralised mess.


Fast forward a few years and my life was a full on car crash. I’d suffered abuse and exploitation and was lucky to leave university with a degree. I clung on for two years in a full time graduate job until I sat down one morning on the train station platform and couldn’t get up again.

And then I got some devastating news: I had Type 1 Bipolar Disorder.

Suddenly it was all about ‘adjusting expectations’. All the things I would likely never do – get married, have a family, drive a car, hold down a full time job. Applying for benefits and crying through tribunals so I could focus on recovery.

I was lucky in many ways: my family supported me and I had an amazing therapist who helped me get past my PTSD and undo some of the damage of years past. Eventually, after long and gruelling drug trials, I found a combination that gave me a normal quality of life.


Robin HarrieNow I had a chance to decide what I wanted to do with my life. Part of me had bought into the belief that I couldn’t cope on my own, that anything I tried to do would go wrong. But the angry part of me – the part that was tired of being stuck, scared and bored – jumped in head first.

Soon I was the Editor-in-Chief of a fast-growing arts magazine – a little girl’s dream come true. I was also buried in digital marketing projects, writing assignments and pretty much anything else I was asked to do. The word ‘NO’ didn’t exist. I had a fellow journo boyfriend, and outwardly I looked successful and busy.

Then I was offered a well paid, full time job with a valuable qualification into the bargain. It was too tempting to pass up.

I told myself I could do it all. I was so desperate to prove myself.


Within a year, my whole life had fallen apart again. I was working 70+ hour weeks – and that was just the full time gig. Everything else was crammed in around it. My relationship ended, and for the second time in my life I was on long term sick leave, completely wiped out.

I fell into a deep depression, convinced that all my beliefs and fears about being too weak, too dependent and too ambitious were true after all. I’d tried so hard – too hard – and now I was back at square one.

I thought my life was over.

After weeks of self pity and ugly crying, I finally reached my Day of Disgust. I’d had it with this shit. I was tired of this polluted, painful Pity Party. I fell into a deep meditation, and asked the Universe to restore my vision and reignite my ambition.

And then the Universe replied.


“You are remarkable. You are a lioness. You are a survivor. Everyone can see that except you. All these jobs and projects and qualifications are to convince yourself that you’re worthy. To convince yourself those kids were wrong. That the doctor was wrong. That your boss was wrong.


You’re at rock bottom. You’ve got nothing to lose. So drop the dead weight and start using your gifts to serve the world rather than serving insecurities that don’t exist.”

And that’s exactly what I did. 


Robin Harrie - Mindset Coaching and Reinvention

Today, I enjoy a fulfilling portfolio career as a coach, magazine editor, educator and digital marketing trainer. My business, on my terms – just as I always wanted. At the same time, I also enjoy a colourful social life, maintain a weekly health and fitness routine, enjoy travel and adventure, and have all the time I need to meditate, reflect, plan and dream.

My life isn’t perfect. No life is. I don’t spend my days out-smugging other millionaire coaches in front of the Eiffel Tower and having hours of wild sex with Channing Tatum on a unicorn skin duvet stuffed with $100 bills. But the overthinking, ugly crying and self-sabotage is down to a healthy minimum and I feel pretty damn fabulous about life.



Mindset Coach and Stress Strategist for Female Entrepreneurs

Editor of a busy entertainment publication celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year

Digital marketing trainer with a list of notable clients

‘Outstanding’ rated educator and private tutor

Arts Critic and interviewer



I live in a cute apartment in Greater London, surrounded by flamingos, orchids and decorative pineapples.

I mostly hang out with showgirls, singers, poets and writers. We drink a lot of prosecco.

I love meditation and tai chi, and I create bespoke guided meditations and visualisations.

I enjoy travelling whenever possible! I typically work from London, Las Vegas, Paris and Italy throughout each year, and I have an ever growing wishlist to get through.

I have a small, mad and amazing family who always have my back.

I love opera, jazz and janky house music.


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